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Assertion Training is something which we can all value from. Most of this site is concerned with ways whereby we can be facilitated in connecting more with our own inner resources. Assertiveness training differs from that in that it is a social skill and yet it is a very profound social skill which can be truly transformative. By using these skills you can let go of an enormous amount of baggage which you carry around. Assertion skills are beneficial to anyone who finds themselves getting so irritated that they "blow their top". It can benefit also someone who finds themselves being constantly manipulated. It can be good for someone who finds themselves being too passive and is helpful to anyone who simply wants to increase their confidence. The beauty of it is that it is based on a system whereby each person comes out a winner. When I first learnt it, it did feel a bit phoney and strange and I felt a bit nervous about using it, but the wonderful thing is that it works and as you become accustomed to using the techniques they become natural and as you repeatedly see the good results of using them, any fear slips away.

There are many situations in life where we are misunderstood or where someone is trying to manipulate us. If we do not stand up for ourselves, later we feel upset or angry and if we overdo things and get unreasonably angry, we still lose out. Often people also react either passively or aggressively to a situation in the present because it triggers something which has happened in their past. Learning assertion training gives you skills to deal effectively with the present situation. Assertion training works so well here because it is a situation where no one needs to win, it is also a situation where no one needs to lose. Learning it can therefore save us from a lot of unnecessary emotional drainage.

My favourite assertion training book is still When I say No I feel Guilty by Manual J. Smith. I think, but I'm not sure, that this was the first book written on Assertion Training.

Reading this book which clearly describes the various methods which can successfully deal with a variety of situations may be enough for you, particularly if you can find a friend and support and share your experiences with each other. In trying out something new, many people find it helpful to do so with others and there are Assertion Training classes in most towns and cities nowadays or if you are interested in doing a course Growth Central offer a downloadable Assertion Training Workbook.


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