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     Alcohol Abuse

    Part 2 Getting Help

    A person with an alcohol problem is a valuable person with a treatable and solvable problem

    The first thing that is needed is to come off the alcohol. This may or may not require detox. You can click here for a list of links to alternative to AA detox centres. Unfortunately these are all in the United States. The United States brought us AA and it also appears to be the first country to notice that not only is it not always helpful to people with alcohol problems, it can also be harmful.

    A place which is becoming recognised as giving a good detox with excellent recovery rates is Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand. This is a Buddhist Monestery which has been offering detox's since the 1950's using herbs. They have a very positive approach and ask you to take a vow before beginning treatment that you will stay off drink and drugs for life, rather than telling you that you will never make it! That being said, if you do have a relapse, the thing to do is to stop as soon as possible and to work on whatever the problem was - not to beat yourself up about it!

    This treatment is free, though obviously a donation of what you can afford is decent in order that they can carry on their work. You will also need to pay for your own food and plane flights and so on. However they have been found to have such success that many social work departments in different countries are now sending people there, so if you cannot afford the plane fare and your food, it would be worth asking your Social Work Department if you feel this kind of help might be right for you. They accept people of all religions and it is not necessary to belong to any religion at all. You will only be able to receive one detox at Thamkrobok. They do not allow you to come back after relapse. Also do not expect any luxury there. I understand accommodation is basic in the extreme - but also that success rates are high!

    I think one of the most important things is to get an initial detox in a place which understands that your "drunk self" is not your "true self" and that whoever is with you does not try to tell you they know you better than you know yourself. Clearly they do not. False Memory syndrone is born of people insisting they know you better than you know yourself and that if you do not agree with their perception of you, you are in denial. Rather you need people who believe in your right to be self determining. You need people who will listen to your own experience. This can get you back in touch with yourself as you are now. From being in touch with yourself, as you are now, you can tailor further help to suit your individual needs.

    Your needs will be different to someone else’s because your life experience and life situation will be different. One thing that alcohol abuse most certainly does is cut a person off from their inner feeling self and your inner feeling self is where your authenticity and inner resources reside. This site is all about accessing and being in contact with that. For this reason Rogerian Counselling can be particularly helpful. Indeed originaly Rogerian Counselling was found to be particularly helpful towards people with alcohol problems. Counselling Works now offers this in the UK. I am not sure if they can recommend anyone abroad but if you ask they may be.

    Overcoming an alcohol abuse problem is not an easy task but it is certainly one which can be accomplished and one which can offer a much better quality of living tham that of drinking when the drinking has clearly become a problem in itself. It is more difficult at the beginning because many things may need to be changed and the mind may be fogged by prolonged drinking producing only unhappy memories. It is for this reason that when making the decision to come off alcohol it is important to think about what kind of help you need. I think it is also a good idea to have two or three kinds of help. Get a good detox, some counselling with an experienced Rogerian Counsellor, or a different form of counselling if that is your wish -a good counsellor will give you excellent support for your journey without interfering with their own agenda! Add to that one or two support groups like Lifering and others you can find at here.

    Having a variety of possible help is a big cushion because it does happen that a person can feel let down in one particular place. Spreading yourself out a bit, can help to prevent this becoming a problem. I am well in favour of the vow format of Thamkrobak. Make that vow anywhere you like to anyone you like but make that vow most importantly to your own Self because that is what you lose when drinking.

    You may also be interested in Personal Autonomy which I think is of particular importance to people seeking help with alcohol difficulties.


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