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Most of us have grown up knowing our sun sign and it can be a bit of fun looking up your sun sign. But your sun sign is shared with 1/12 of the population. It says nothing of the uniqueness that is essentially you. It does not tell us all the little bits and pieces, the conflicting influences and the areas where you move with ease. Your own astrological chart is absolutely unique. No one else will have one exactly the same as you. Getting your own unique astrological report allows you to get an in depth insight into many areas of your character. Getting your own astrology report can satisfy your curiosity, and I am sure you will be amazed at how accurate it is. You can also use this as a framework for growth......and giving someone else their own unique report is an unusual and thoughtful gift.

Here I have found some of the best reports available on the web. I will be adding more as I find them.

The first thing you need is your own natal chart with all the planets in their signs and the interaction between them. Get your free Natal Chart when you visit A Sign of the times Astrology. They also have several excellent reports which you can buy, natal, transit, compatibility.

For an enormous selection of Astrology Reports by top astrologers visit AstrologySource.

This site offers both chinese and Western Astrology. They give you a taster of free reports. This one is to their Compatibility Page.

Horary astrology is astrology which gives answers to questions you have as to when it is a good time to do a particular thing. If this is your area of interest Horary astrology, if you have the questions, they have the answers!

Thinking of buying your own Astrology software?

For the most extensive selection of astrology software with descriptions and comparative reviews, we recommend going to Astrology Software Shop.


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