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     Can Astrology answer the question "Who Am I?"

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Can Astrology Answer the Question Who Am I? Astrology is the oldest method of answering the question WHO AM I that I know of but can it contribute to creative personal growth? It has gone through times when it has been very fashionable and times when it has not.

I would like to quickly dispel two myths.

Real Astrology is not just Sun Signs. So often today we hear people still asking whether there could possibly be only 12 different kinds of people in the world. The world would certainly be boring and we would all be predictable if this was the case. An astrological chart is very unique. No one else will have one exactly the same as yours. People who mockingly criticise astrology tend to be people who have not studied it and who believe our Sun sign is all there is to it. As far as I know, Sun sign astrology was introduced as a bit of fun after Princess Margaret was born.


Second Myth                                                                             Astrology is fatalistic so how can it have anything to do with personal growth?

This of course is an excellent question and in the past it has indeed been very fatalisus, from outside, as fate... It now is very much more about understanding yourself than fate. It is a tool that we can use to gain in self awareness and use to change.

If you have read the articles on this site on Freud, Jung and Carl Rogers, you will notice that they argue that who we are is not necessarily who we think we are. Astrology appears to highlight the particular challenges we will face and the areas in life which we will meet with ease. How we address this will have a great deal to do with the results we will achieve from it. In the past, many people believed they had a rigid fixed self, what Buddhists call ego. You can look at your Astrological chart in this way. People have been known to excuse themselves in this way, the reason they say they act in a particular way is because of the positioning of the planets in their charts. In previous times, particularly in the West, we did tend to believe we were these fixed beings and given that, our attitude towards Astrology could be said to be fatalistic. However, particularly due to Jung's own interest in Astrology which has been further developed by many others and the influence on Astrology of Rogerian Counselling Astrologers have grown in their understanding of themselves and their subject. Rather than seeing the Natal Chart as the identity of the person, they see the Natal chart as the particular situation into which the individual is born.

It is an ongoing investigation. Our Natal chart of course is not the end of the matter. From the moment we are born we will be experiencing the effect of the planets as they move around the sky and come in contact with our Natal chart (transits). Now, in the past, this was very much taken to be an indication of fate, and it very often was, and would still remain so today, if we believed in fate and acted as though we could do nothing to change things.

What Astrology can offer on a level conductive to growth is knowledge of our basic energy's and impulses. We can use that knowledge to fix ourselves into habitual patterns or we can use that knowledge to transform ourselves. This is in no way to say that having particular planetary combinations may not cause us some difficulties, even severe difficulties but a careful look at anyone's chart will usually also reveal ways which can help us to work through our difficulties. Our chart belongs to us, we are the person who needs to deal with any difficulties in it and nothing in an astrological chart is now seen as fixed , everything is an opportunity to grow. We are involved in an ongoing journey. Our Natal chart is not the end of the matter. We will be continutally affected by our transits. Astrology viewed in this way, far from presenting us with a rigid self condemned to fate, provides us with a fluid sense of self, capable of change and by the very nature of the challenges from our transits, real and sustained opportunities for growth.

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