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  Dream Interpretation from Primitives
to Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung

By Jean Chiriac

This ebook is a comprehensive description of dream interpretation techniques from primitive times to Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung. We start with a study of the dream and its significance with shamans and warlocks in primitive cultures. We shall then make a step further in order to study the Old Testament's outlook on dreams. Are you acquainted with the Joseph and the Pharaoh story? Have you ever wondered how Joseph was able to interpret symbolic dreams or what his unusual capacities and senses were to penetrate their significance? This is the topic of the second chapter.

The next step is the presentation of Artemidor's book - 'The Interpretation of Dreams' - formulating the principles of dream interpretation in Greek-Roman antiquity. We shall finally be able to study the methods of interpretation of Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung, the two great psychoanalysts once again bringing to the fore the dream and its hallucinating message.


1. Dreams in the Primitive World
Presenting primitive theories of the dreams accompanied by a few examples of interpretation, with comments. The main sources of inspiration for this lesson are Levy-Bruhl's papers on this topic.

2. Dreams and their Interpretation in the Old Testament
An approach of materials presented in the literature of the Old Testament.

3. From Artemidor to Macrobius
Providing a comprehensive description of the theory of dreams issued by Artemidor of Daldis and his follower, Macrobius. In Artemidor's case, his quoted main work is "The Interpretation of Dreams". As far as Macrobius is concerned, we have used his work entitled "Commentary on the Dream of Scipio".

4. Dreams and their Interpretation by Sigmund Freud
An introduction into dream interpretation technique presented in Sigmund Freud's monograph "The Interpretation of Dreams".

5. C.G. Jung and the Theory of Archetypal Dreams
The final lesson of the cycle, presenting the technique of dream analysis suggested by C. G. Jung and the school of analytical psychology.

Special Bonus

The E-Book includes a 8-page paper on Symbols in Dreams
This paper provides a few account on some symbols and their meaning in dreams. It is worth $15!

  • 41 pages/A5 - format PDF - 88Kb
  • Price: US$ 15

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