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    Healthy personal growth is creative personal growth. It is about exactly what it says, growth. It is not about becoming more good or a "better" person, it is about gaining more autonomy, becoming more authentic, more genuinely who we are.

    Healthy Personal Growth leads to inner richness, the ability to have empathy, but it varies from the simple idea of 'being good'. A genuine person has no need to be malicious towards another, they would only harm themselves. But it is still not the same as 'being good'.

    Most religions seem to have some adjunct against the mistake of going after 'being good'. Christians say, 'The path to hell is laid with good intentions' and Buddhists say, 'It takes all the wisdom of the wise to undo the harm done by the merely good'.

    Whatever we are experiencing, we can grow through it if we accept it. There is no point, for instance, trying to be happy, if we are experiencing grief, but by embracing our grief, rather than pretending it is not there, we become deeper richer people. Likewise there is no point in pretending you love someone if you do not. You'll only confuse them and yourself.

    Healthy personal growth is about coming to trust yourself and finding ways to help you to change habits you would rather be rid of. It is about becoming real and more alive in every moment, regardless of what that moment is bringing.

    Healthy personal growth is about becoming more of who you are. Someone once said, people grow for the same reason as the amoeba...irritation! And perhaps that is so, but it is equally so that we grow because we have the potential to grow, without that potential we would not feel the irritation.  By learning to trust our own inner resources we can let go of the irritation and become authentic creative beings.

    There are sections on this site concerned with meditation , counselling and astrology which can be useful for personal growth. Our theories section covers the ideas of Freud, Jung, Carl Rogers and Buddhism on who we are. Here I would like to offer a few other resources.

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Affirmations Why do some affirmations work when others do not?

Alcohol abuse help Finding help that helps. Alternatives to AA help. New You can now add your comments at the end of the second page of this article.

Anger Management Develop healthy ways to solve your problems with anger, while at the same time recognise we all need our anger to protect ourselves and stand up against wrongs.

Anger and Forgiveness It is natural to feel anger when we believe we have been wronged. It is also natural to forgive. Forgiveness heals the person who forgives.

Assertion Training is a skills training where we can learn to get our own needs met and make our own choices while not denying the same rights to others. Great for confidence for everyone and for people struggling with either a problem of over passivity or too much aggression.

Boundaries The foundation of Good Communication.  Without good boundaries it is impossible to have good communication. Throught them we can learn to communicate accepting differences.

Transformative Power of Anger  In this article Adel Rubio describes how taking a different approach to our anger can transform it into a positive and transformative experience.

Dream Interpretation.  Part 1 An Introduction to Dream Interpretation.  Links to other sections will be found on this page.

Use Feng Shui to clear up your clutter and discover your Authentic Self.

Intuition Intuition is a natural resource we all have. Get in touch with yours now.

Feelings and Emotions Learn to trust them.

Friends and Cancer: This article was particularly written for women and cancer and is called Angels and Bolters.  It desctibes the various ways which people can react to the news.  While I think it particularly applies to cancer, it also will be of interest and help to people suffering any kind of misfortune where we would like some support and is I think quite accurate of stereotype but also quite real ways in which people react.

Meditate to unlock your hidden potential Part 1

Meditate to unlock your hidden Potential Part 2

How to Save Yourself from Negative Influences, by Zaak OConan. We cannot always avoid negative influences but Zaak offers ways we can protect ourselves from being influenced by them.

Personal autonomy Personal autonomy is our right to be self determining. It is an issue of particular importance when people are involved in any kind of therapeutic situation.

Personal Growth Software Questions whether software can be helpful for personal growth and information on a variety of products available.

Quieting the Mind, opening the Heart A article by Christopher Stewart on Meditation.

Self Esteem in a Hostile World  One person's system for protecting himself from hostile people and moving out of their influence.

The Voiceless by David Irwin.  Through a poem and following article David Irwin reminds us of the importance of having our own voice and being listened to

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