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We are all brought up within a particular family, within a particular culture at a particular time. Sometimes our inner self does not get encouragement. How we are brought up, how we are treated, the social conditions which exist at the time will all have an effect on who we grow up to think we are. Unless we are very damaged we will retain some connection with our inner being, our intrinsic self. This causes conflict because we often have not been brought up to be who we truly are, to be real. This conflict may be a simple irritation which causes us to want to grow, or it can be more serious causing us anxiety, depression, problems with being over aggressive or too passive and so on. Our inner self is a feeling self so we have an article on Feelings and Emotions here. Our inner self is also intuitive so you will find an article on that here too. Meditation is a simple practice which anyone can easily do in order to reach their inner self. You will find links to these articles here and from them to other help sections of this site and outside of it. Please also read the introduction on the Personal Growth page for an idea of how to approach inner growth. Look also at the theories section for different theories on who we really are.

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