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Enhanced Healing through Music Dr. Harry Henshaw's site offers music for healing and relaxation and on line counselling.

The Anfield Institute of Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development, articles, programs, download e-courses and information by Dr. R Anfield. Personal Development is all about you becoming more YOU.

More Power to You asks you: Who programmed me? How do I re-set that old program? Am I reacting or responding? Am I creating solutions or depleting my energy? Be guided towards self-empowerment and living a purposeful life through this unique self-help e-mail course by Self-Healing Expressions.

Writing for Life - Creating a Story of Your Own. The therapeutic power of journaling, proven and embraced over the last century by doctors and psychologist, is an effective tool to improve health and achieve healing of the body, mind and spirit. It is more important then ever for us to know our own stories. The journaling and scrapbooking techniques taught in this course provide a creative way to connect with the inner self and heal emotional wounds while documenting your story, your life in a fun and unique way. Be guided to build a foundation for writing for life.

Do people and things in your life leave you feeling drained, invalidated, unappreciated? Enroll in Living Deliberately ~ Guided by the Wisdom of Thoreau. In this Self-Healing Expressions email course, author Marianne Parady taps into wisdom of American philosopher Henry Thoreau to help guide you to:

  • Learn to honor yourself and honestly evaluate your relationships.
  • Listen to your inner voice as you accept and embrace the darker aspects of your being, as well as, recognize, claim and mine the gold within you.
  • Examine how self-respect can transform the way you relate to yourself and the world, and the price of self-sabotage.
  • Recognize (the most common addiction in our society) "self-abuse" and your "inner abuser."
  • Honor your dreams, your vision for your life.
  • Face the dark side of your dreams such as disappointment, sadness, anger, and resentment, which often surround your dreams – your deepest longings.
  • Identify and manifest your authentic dreams.
Finally, simplify your life by eliminating the "shoulds" and "ought to's" – the things and people that drain you. And embrace the things and people that empower, nurture and enliven you -- as you begin to "live deliberately."

Did you understand your dreams last night? Learn to recall and understand your dreams, the language of the heart and soul, to heal your heart, body and life in this Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course email course by acclaimed author and spiritual counselor Laura V. Hyde.

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey Understand the nature of grief and its potential impact on all aspects of your life: physical, financial, emotional, social and spiritual, through this Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course.

  • Find information on practical matters such as making difficult lifestyle adjustments (in finances, retirement, housing, etc.)
  • Find support and guidance in dealing with different grieving patterns in your family and ways to minimize stress in your life.
  • Be guided through the emotional upheaval of grief, and come to a better understanding of the shock, disbelief, confusion, fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, loneliness, mystical experiences and spiritual reactions that are commonly experienced in loss.
  • Learn ways to manage your own reactions, including how to identify and establish a support system and how to cope with the upsets, set-backs and aftershocks that accompany normal grief.
  • Finally, reflect upon and evaluate your progress as you move from surviving toward transcending your grief.

Are you seeking your Soul Mate? The Romantic Resumé e-mail course by acclaimed author Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway can help you get clarity to draw in your beloved. Start this 30-day project this month.

You can care for the environment, starting at home. . . Embark on a healing journey dedicated to planet Earth. Explore the hard facts, practical solutions, and the spiritual aspects of Mother Earth’s illness and healing. Come to understand the threats global warming, population growth, increased waste and air pollution poses to the planet and ways to “downshift” towards simplicity. Be guided through healing visualizations for the planet as you proceed through the lessons.

  • Learn how toxics found in common household products contaminate the environment and your body and organic alternatives that are more affordable, better for your health and kinder to the environment.
  • Understand how smog is created and what you can do to reduce air pollution.
  • Learn how to heal water and waterways, and reduce water contamination.
  • Understand the vital ecological function of trees, and how (and where) planting them can help save you money and heal the environment.
  • Examine the hidden cost to the environment and human health in the U.S. agricultural system, and learn environmentally positive options to buying food produced in this system.
  • Grasp the importance of biodiversity and ways to support it.
  • Understand issues concerning the finite supply of nonrenewable fossil fuels and the renewable sources of energy we will have no choice but to embrace in the future.
Finally, ecology or earth spirituality are explored and ways to nurture a deeper connection with the earth within the self. Take this journey of inspection and introspection that could make a vast difference to generations to come.

A course in Consciousness. A free course in three parts. Part 1: Quantum theory and consciousness Part 2: The metaphysics of nonduality Part 3: The end of suffering and the discovery of our true nature.

Higher Awareness. Here you will find 20 personal development and spiritual awareness programs.

Growth Central Workbooks and course on a wide range of self help topics including Anger Managerment, Anger Management for Kids and Teens, Self Esteem, Assertiveness Training.

Happy Site. A fresh and positive approach to growth. Courses, articles, ebooks.

Parent Toolbox courses on Anger Management. This site is particularily orientated towards parents but the angry toolbox can be of benefit to anyone wanting to deal with anger issues.

Hypnosis Downloads.com An extensive range of hypnosis downloads including free ones.

Here you will find the largest selection of self help, motivation, and spirituality CD'S and DVD's Nightingale-Conant Classics for $39.95

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