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  Personal Growth Software -             does it work?

Originally the idea of using personal growth software to help with emotional, psychological and spiritual issues was frowned on. It was imagined that using a computer for therapy or personal growth would be cold and counterproductive. This has however proved not to be the case.

Advantages of personal growth software are:

1.You can work with the program in the convenience and privacy of your own home at any time and at your own pace.

2.You are safe to divulge your deepest inner thoughts and feelings to the program. You can look into things that you might not disclose to anyone for fear you might receive riddicule or a judgmental response.

The major argument against personal growth software for therapy is that therapy requires the presence of another human. A lot of what goes on in therapy is non verbal communication, reading of body language and so on, which a computer can never do. The belief was that without this non verbal communication, no positive change would happen.

It is of course true that personal growth software cannot offer non verbal communication and non verbal communication can sometimes be very helpful. However it can sometimes not be helpful. I am in no doubt that each and every one of us picks up on the non verbal clues of others, even when we are unaware that we are doing so and if we pick up that the person does not think too well of us, there is no question that this will affect us and interfere with what we are working on. At the same time it is true that a relationship with an excellent counsellor or therapist, who understands us at our deepest level and is non judgemental (Rogerian counsellors particularily work on this) would be the very best way towards healing, but because unfortunately this is not always the case, this is also an argument for computer help, as well as against it. With personal growth software, it is very definitely possible to work on your problems and get in touch with your feelings, A study by the British Journal of Psychiatry in July 2003 has shown that personal growth software aided and shortened the length of time the client needed with the therapist showing that personal growth software very much facilitates growth. We now have such advanced software that provided a person puts the time into it, they will be able to get results whether or not they are involved in any other form of therapy.

Personal growth software has now been developed to a very sophisticated level. Here are a few of the new programs and what they aim to help you with.

Do you suffer from stress? Do you sometimes feel at the mercy of other people, as if your life was somehow under their direction, rather than your own? Do you want to be in touch with what is most deep and authentic in you? Dreams Alive is an interactive software package designed to help you relieve stress, get in touch with your inner passions and live the life you were born to live. Tap into your own inner wisdom, not someone elses.

Ever wondered why creating wealth and prosperity is such a challenge for so many people? Paul Bauer's breakthrough new program called Creating Abundance will show you why (and what you can do about it). Visit Creating Abundance to learn more:

Sculpture This is affirmation software with a difference. Sculpture is state of the art technology. It is far more than simply doing affirmation exercises. Scupture works on different areas of the psyche to help you to integrate yourself and achieve the results you are wanting. You can use it to help you give up bad habits, addictions and so on and also to create the situations you are striving for. It is composed of seven elements: Affirmations, Visualization, Alpha sound technology (to induce highly receptive meditative states), Subliminal technology, Sentence completion, Assignment writing/goal setting, Whole brain synchronization (utilizing thought, intuition, sensation and emotion)

Life Builder - the virtual Life Coach. This is an interactive desktop Life Coach. Any time you want to work out what you really think, click on your desktop icon. No need to wait for an appointment - your coach is ready when you need it! Free trial on their website

Past Life Regression Software Relaxation, re-discovery of past lives, resolving old issues.

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