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Personality Theories appear to have existed as long as we have. As humans we appear to have a great need to know who we are, what our innate personality is. Astrology, the oldest system I know of, began because people noticed that there was a correlation between what was happening in the sky and here on earth. Hence Astrologers say, "As Above so Below".

All of Religion comes from this thirst to know who we are, and all religions are built on personality theories but unfortunately a great deal of religion disintegrated into cult activities and control, rather than the Self Knowledge most of their founders worked on.

Philosophy is enormously interested in who we are. Psychiatry presently tries to label us into some particular niche or other.

What is true is that any theory on who we are comes greatly from the experience of the person who created it. Milton Friedman for example, believed that we are all little Robinson Crusoe's , living on our own separate island caring only for ourselves?! Obviously people who also experience life in this way will believe he has got it right!

The Articles in this section are all on answers to the question "Who Am I". The hope is that they will lead you a little more towards your own inner feeling self. The answers are within you. We look at Freud and his discovery of the Unconscious. We give an introduction to Jung and his search for an answer to the question of who we are and his understanding of Self and Ego. We also look at Carl Rogers and how he discovered that provided certain conditions were met, the client themselves was the person who had the answers inside themselves. To Rogers' our inner feeling self was our genuine self and the aim of counselling was to get us in touch with this and with our own inner resources.

We also look at Buddhism and how it answers the question of who we are, comparing it to the work of Jung and Carl Rogers and question whether Astrology the earliest known system can tell us who we are.

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